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being the goth friend like



Story of my life. >_>


Got in contact with my mentor for the Doctor Who cosplay costumes. Getting patterns drafted for that.

With Daft Punk we’re waiting on one more component to start the LEDs on my sister’s Thomas Bangalter helmet. I also may abandon the LEDs for my Guy Manuel helmet for this year for multiple reasons. I’ll accompany my sister with painting however.

I have a friend who works in a manufacturing factory painting metal parts but she’s trying to find the melting point of the plastic our helmets are made of so she can potentially chrome/paint/whatever them. It’d suck to get them to her and have them… melt. x_o

I don’t know… I’m getting really nervous with how much money I’ve already put into these costumes and how I currently, have nothing to show for it. Ugghhh…

In other news, I got accepted as a student vendor to a craft fair/festival at my university. Hoping to make a few bucks to help with moving out or cosplay. Whatever suits my fancy. Nervous. I haven’t sold my art in quite awhile but I’ve had people approach and ask if I’ve sold thing on Etsy or something. Eh. We’ll see.

Where have you been?

Sorry for the lack of updates. I was the passenger in pretty bad car wreck, got hospitalized but no broken bones which I’m absolutely delighted about. lol!

My sister and I have ordered all the electronic components for her Thomas Bangalter helmet and those have slowly been trickling in via snail mail. Other than that we haven’t had the time to continue sanding/dremeling/etc because of school. =_=

The good news is, spring break is *so* close so we’re looking forward to that. Also, I intend to add pictures of progress to future updates.

Thanks all for following me in my endeavors! ;D

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibit at the Met Museum.

New Gothic lolita dress.

New Gothic lolita dress.


Even the dead can color their world.


Even the dead can color their world.